VTC Airdrop

Are you ready to take on a special mission? Get up to 50 VetCoin (VTC) airdrops and a chance to participate in our next special mission.

Receive Free VetCoins (VTC) by simply following the Rules of Engagement below.

December 7, 2023

Mission Brief

1. Follow VetCoin HQ on Facebook for 20 VTCs.

2. Follow VetCoin HQ on Instagram for 15 VTCs.

3. Follow VetCoin HQ on Twitter and get 10 VTCs.

4. Follow VetCoin HQ on LinkedIn and get an additional 5 VTCs.

5. Send your VetCoin Wallet public address in the comments section of the respective social media account you followed.


Most frequent questions and answers

You can download it here.

Simply send your VetCoin Wallet public address as a direct message to each social media page you’ve liked or followed. It’s that simple.

It’s simple and easy. Just follow this link and watch how you could do it. VTC on the Polygon Network

Good Question! Now is the best time to buy VTC. We are now on Public Sale until October 6, 2022. When we list this in an exchange, who knows what the value could be as the market will dictate the price of VTC. One thing is for sure, it will only go up because the number of coins in the market is finite.