A Dedication

The VetCoin Team dedicates this effort to the memory and legacy of C. Austin “Bud” Burrell.

Bud was a 1968 graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and the Army’s Finance Officer Advanced Course. He served with the 5th Special Forces Group in Vietnam before starting his career on Wall Street, where he worked for more than thirty-five years. He was a senior derivatives specialist and development stage company investment banker and served as a chief executive numerous times. During his career, Bud helped launch countless fruitful business ventures. Perhaps more importantly, he invested in people by serving as a leader and mentor, which resulted in the successful launch of many careers. He was an outspoken critic of financial fraud and its connection to national security issues. He often referred to illegal naked short selling as a “glaring hole” in the U.S. financial system and is still recognized today by new generations as a champion for ethical action on Wall Street.

Every year on Veteran’s Day, VetCoin will recognize the most innovative veteran’s charity in America with the “Burell Award for Outstanding Support to the Veteran Community” and add them to our roll of honor.

C. Austin “Bud” Burrell