Eligibility, Criteria and Nomination Process

Nominees must:

  • Be a 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(19)

  • Focused on the (U.S. military) veteran community


The award winner(s) will be selected based on their answers to the following questions:


What are the non-profit organization’s core values, goals, and overall mission?

Please give a brief history of the non-profit organization.

How has the non-profit organization built and maintained a leadership role in the veteran community?

What efforts has the non-profit organization made to strengthen other non-profit organizations within the veteran community?

How has the non-profit organization demonstrated creativity and innovation in meeting the needs of the veteran community?


Non-profit organizations that meet the award requirements are encouraged to apply directly for the award. In addition, a non-profit organization may be nominated by members of the VetCoin community.

Email your Nominations at:
with the subject line:
Bud Burrell Awards Nomination